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End-to-end warehouse services.

We offer end-to-end warehouse services designed to bring your product to market, from safe, secure storage in our modern facilities to picking and fulfilling accurate orders to customized packaging and labeling.

We realize our success is a direct result of our customers’ success, and it’s with this mindset that we approach every task, every day, as we design 3PL logistics solutions.

Pick and Pack

CONRI is a premier 3PL fulfillment company specializing in seamless order fulfillment through our comprehensive pick, pack, and ship solutions. With a strong emphasis on timely shipping and compliance, we ensure that your products reach your retail customers promptly and adhere to all regulatory requirements.

Our experienced team handles the entire process, from accurately picking the items from your inventory to expertly packing them for safe transportation.

With our dedicated focus on efficiency and compliance, you can trust us to deliver exceptional service and hassle-free order fulfillment.


As a 3PL fulfillment company, CONRI Services understands that your customers demand fast and accurate shipping of your products, and we are fully committed to exceeding those expectations daily. With a customer-centric approach, we prioritize promptly and precisely fulfilling e-commerce orders

Our dedicated team starts each day with a readiness to deliver exceptional service, ensuring your packages are swiftly processed, accurately picked, and meticulously packed for secure shipping. Trust us to handle your e-commerce logistics with precision and efficiency, providing customers with the exceptional shipping experience they deserve.

Short & Long-Term Storage

At CONRI Services, we offer comprehensive short- and long-term storage options to alleviate concerns about finding the ideal space for your products. We're a 3PL fulfillment company with a vast storage capacity and facilities spanning over 800,000 square feet across four states. We provide our customers with ample room to store their inventory safely.

Whether you require temporary storage during peak seasons or extended warehousing solutions, we have you covered. With CONRI, you can focus on other aspects of your business while we handle the 3PL logistics of holding your products securely. Experience peace of mind with our reliable and flexible storage services.

Kitting & Assembly

CONRI is a trusted 3PL fulfillment company that understands that your product line is constantly evolving, and we are here to support your growth by providing efficient kitting and assembly solutions. Our skilled assembly team is always ready to adapt and assemble whatever is trending next in your industry.

Whether it's new product variations, customized kits, or promotional bundles, we have the expertise to meet your requirements. With CONRI, you can stay ahead of the competition and effortlessly respond to market demands. Trust our agile kitting and assembly services to keep your product line fresh, relevant, and ready for success.


Your reliable
logistics partner.

As a warehouse company ourselves, we understand the value and importance of reliable 3PL fulfillment services. It is with this frame of mind that we deliver a suite of services to both our warehouse customers and businesses nationwide. Let us put our decades of experience to work for you and take the headache out of getting your business where it needs to be.
Conri Services Trucks

Import and Export

CONRI Services ensures a smooth import and export process by providing reliable intermodal solutions unmatched by any 3PL fulfillment company. For imports, once you deliver your cargo to the ports of New York and New Jersey, our dedicated team takes charge of transporting it anywhere in the United States. CONRI can also efficiently and effectively handle all your exports as well. We will work with your freight forwarder to complete your export bookings.

Whether it's dry or refrigerated cargo, there's no other 3PL fulfillment company with our expertise to ensure timely and secure delivery to your doorstep. Trust CONRI for efficient port-to-door service, allowing you to focus on your business while we handle the logistics of your import and export needs.

Dry and Refrigerated Full Truckload

At CONRI Services, we understand that your customers demand fast and accurate shipping for your products. That's why we are committed to exceeding those expectations every day. We're a 3PL fulfillment company focused on prompt and precise delivery; we ensure your goods reach their destination swiftly and accurately. Trust us to provide exceptional full truckload shipping services that meet and exceed your valued customers' expectations.

Transloading & Cross-docking

CONRI Services offers seamless handling of overseas shipments through our specialized drayage services and strategically located New Jersey warehouse facilities. Our expert team efficiently drays and transloads the contents of your containers, ensuring smooth 3PL logistics operations. Trust us to handle the intricacies of transloading and cross-docking, allowing you to focus on your core business activities.


What they're saying?


We are your partner in business.

Since its establishment over 70 years ago, CONRI has remained a reliable family-owned 3PL fulfillment company known for delivering exceptional solutions in multiple industries and markets.

Our experienced team provides dynamic B2B/B2C services featuring an extensive range of practical tools that guarantee on-time project completion.

Warehouse Management Systems

CONRI's Warehouse Management System (WMS) caters to the unique requirements of a 3PL logistics company like us and customers like you. We understand that customers have distinct storage, shipping, and data needs.

Our customizable software empowers us to prioritize and address the aspects important to you, ensuring a seamless fit without forcing you into a one-size-fits-all approach. Experience the flexibility and efficiency of our WMS, where your company receives the personalized attention it deserves for its 3PL fulfillment operations, setting the stage for success.

eCommerce Integrations

CONRI recognizes the importance of smooth and hassle-free e-commerce integrations. Our solutions are built on quick and easy-to-maintain connections with all major e-commerce platforms, serving as the backbone of your online operations. With a focus on swift order processing, we ensure your orders flow seamlessly, allowing you to concentrate on expanding your brand.

As a leading 3PL fulfillment company, we work tirelessly to handle the intricacies of e-commerce logistics so you can confidently navigate the digital marketplace. Trust CONRI to provide the reliable infrastructure and support you need to thrive in the ever-evolving world of online commerce.

Shipping Partners

At CONRI, we prioritize the seamless delivery of your goods to your customers, so we collaborate with all the leading shipping providers nationwide. Our extensive network of trusted shipping partners enables us to guarantee timely and hassle-free deliveries and is key to our success as a 3PL fulfillment company.

In addition, we have cultivated strong relationships with established regional carriers to ensure your shipments are in capable hands. So rest assured that your valuable merchandise is handled carefully and will reach its destination on schedule.

With CONRI Services, you can depend on our reliable shipping partnerships to keep your customers satisfied and your business thriving. Submit a contact form and reach out today to find out what sets CONRI apart from other 3PL logistics service providers.

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Welcome to CONRI Services, your trusted 3PL fulfillment company

Unlock the power of seamless third-party logistics (3PL) and exceptional service with CONRI, a multi-generational family-owned business with over 70 years of industry expertise.

We take pride in our unwavering commitment to excellence, trustworthiness, and professionalism, providing tailored logistics solutions to businesses across the East Coast.

Whether you require trucking, warehousing, or a comprehensive end-to-end 3PL package, CONRI is here to exceed your expectations.