Kitting and Assembly

Kitting and assembly services involve collating individual components or products into a ready to ship package, known as a kit. These services are tailored to your ever evolving product line. Whether you’re dealing with product samples, supplements, electronics, beauty products, marketing kits, or other materials, we make it easy for you to outsource order fulfillment and product shipment with our kitting and assembling services.

Our kitting services, noted for their flexibility and scalability, can play a critical role in helping your business to compete in a dynamic market.

Optimize Your Marketing Strategy with Our Kitting and Assembling Solutions

A critical piece of many marketing strategies is to create kits to satisfy various business objectives.  These include, but aren’t limited to:

  • New product launches
  • Promotional sales kits
  • Holiday gift sets
  • Customer appreciation gifts
  • Monthly subscription boxes
  • Direct to store promotions
  • Media publicity kits
  • Multiple product purchases
  • Consumer sample kits

These kits can contain 2-3 pieces or several dozen components. CONRI Services’ unique kitting service teams can handle small runs or scale up for thousands of kits to ship on your schedule.  The team can also run your kitting line continuously so that there is always an available inventory of finished kits to ship on demand based on your business needs.

The How To of the Kitting and Assembly Process

  • Select the items for the kits by deciding which products/components will comprise your kit.
  • Create a new, unique SKU that CONRI will add to our Warehouse Management System for tracking and inventory control.
  • Finally, sell and ship your kits to your end user for the greatest impact on your business.

Our warehousing and logistics experts at CONRI Services will help you redefine these logistical processes, transforming them into customizable services tailored to meet your individual kitting and assembly needs.