Pick and Pack

At CONRI, we pride ourselves on providing top-tier pick and pack services that streamline the order fulfilment process for businesses. Our services cover all aspects of warehouse operations, from retrieving the items off the shelves, or ‘picking,’ to preparing them for delivery, or ‘packing,’ and finally shipping the order to your customers promptly. We utilize advanced warehouse management systems that seamlessly integrate with all major retail platforms, ensuring efficient operations with real-time inventory tracking.

These systems help us comply with individual retailer requirements, including specific UCC-128 and shipping guidelines. This standardization, in turn, ensures the accuracy and timeliness of our warehouse picking and packing services.

The Pick & Pack System at CONRI

Our warehouse and shipping services are designed to meet the evolving demands of the modern retail landscape. Whether you’re a startup or an established business, our dedicated and versatile system can empower your business with efficient logistics, comprehensive inventory management, and meticulous order fulfillment.

Receiving Goods

Initially, suppliers deliver the goods to our warehouse. At this stage, we perform rigorous checks to ensure the quality and quantity of products match the supplier’s delivery note, safeguarding against errors.

Storage of Goods

Once received, the goods are carefully stored in our state-of-the-art warehouses. We leverage a well-organized system for storage that prioritizes easy accessibility and efficient space utilization. This system lets us quickly locate and retrieve items upon order placement. After sitting in storage, the goods are ready for our pick and pack process.


As the heart of the process, picking involves retrieving specific items from their storage locations based on each customer’s order. Our experienced team, supported by advanced technology, ensures that the right product is picked with high precision to minimize errors.


After picking, items are expertly packed for shipping. We employ various packing methods tailored to the specific product and shipping requirements to protect items during transit. Packages are labeled accurately to ensure timely delivery.

Distribution of Goods

Once the pick and pack process is done, orders are dispatched for shipping. We work with reliable couriers and utilize optimized routes for timely delivery. Additionally, we offer shipping options that align with the customer’s preferences, such as express or standard delivery.

Order Tracking and Confirmation

To enhance transparency, we assign each order a unique tracking number. This enables customers to monitor their package’s journey and receive an estimated delivery date. Upon delivery, a confirmation is sent to the customer to ensure they never miss a package.


Our pick and pack services improve operational efficiency and significantly reduce errors and delays, increasing customer satisfaction. Our robust system allows for real-time inventory tracking and seamless integration with retail platforms, enabling smoother operations and enhanced business growth. Our commitment to maintaining high accuracy, timeliness, and compliance in warehouse picking and packing sets us apart, making us a trusted partner for businesses globally.

Consistent, Reliable, and Trustworthy Services

For over 70 years, CONRI has built a reputation on consistent, reliability, and superior service; our stellar performance record has allowed us to maintain long-standing relationships with our clients. Powered by our modern Warehouse Management System (WMS), we can deliver with an unmatched level of efficiency, dependability, and speed, across all our services. 

We know that every business presents unique challenges, and at CONRI, we work closely with clients to create tailored order fulfilment solutions driven by professional best practices. Contact us today by submitting an online contact form to discuss your pick and pack service needs.